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All Louisiana driver’s license and identification cards must be issued in the applicant’s full legal name. All documents must be original or certified copies from the department of record. Photocopies are not acceptable whether notarized or not.


Applicants will be required to provide one of the following combinations:

  • One primary and two secondary documents OR

  • Two primary documents OR

  • If an applicant has a Louisiana identification card with a photo which clearly identifies the applicant and the Social Security Number is part of the file, additional identification is not required. the custodial parent or legal guardian is required for the issuance of any license (including first time applications, duplicates and changing restrictions).

  • Identification must be presented by the minor and the parent or guardian.

  • Only the domiciliary parent may sign if joint custody has been awarded.

  • Custodial documents must also be presented.


All applicants for a Louisiana driver’s license are required to pass a vision exam administered by the Office of Motor Vehicles personnel at the time of application. New residents have 30 days from the time residency is established to obtain a Louisiana license. In order to make application, you must have a valid Louisiana address.

If you have a valid/expired out-of-state picture license, you must:

ü surrender the out-of-state picture license. It is unlawful in Louisiana to have more than one driver’s license.

ü provide one primary and one secondary document.

ü provide your social security number.

ü provide proof of insurance on any personal vehicle you may have registered in Louisiana.

If you are not in possession of your out-of-state picture license, you must submit either a letter of clearance or an official driving record from your last state of license. This letter must include your personal information (name, date of birth, social security number, if applicable) as well as your driver’s license number for that state. You must also meet all identification and social security requirements.


All applicants eligible for a social security number must provide the assigned number when applying for a driver's license. Although the social security number will not be displayed on the face of the license, that number must be entered in the department's internal records. If you do not have an assigned social security number, you must provide an official letter from the Social Security Administration specifying that no number has been assigned or that you are not eligible for issuance of a social security number.

In order to comply with the Military Selective Service Act, R.S. 32:40:1321(D)(1), the Social Security Number is required from all male US citizens or immigrants age 15 to 26 who apply for a driver's license or ID card. Failure to provide the number will result in the denial of issuance.


All applicants applying for their first driver’s license issuance must furnish proof of driver education training as required by law. This driver education course may be taken at a public or private institution. Depending upon the age of the applicant, the requirements of the driver education course differ. The driver education course must be completed before making application for the driver’s license.


In certain instances, the following documents may be substituted as primary and/or secondary documents depending on your immigration status. For more information, please contact your nearest Office of Motor Vehicles.

  • I-551, if issued after 7/97 considered a primary document, social security verification (see social security requirement) and one secondary document OR

  • I-551, if issued prior to 7/97 considered a secondary document), one primary document and social security verification (see social security requirement) OR

  • the foreign passport stamped showing the I-94 has been surrendered for processing of an I-551, social security verification (see social security requirement) and I-688B, (work authorization card). If the stamp date in the passport is less than 9 months old, you are eligible for issuance of a driver’s license. If the stamp date is older than 9 months, you are not eligible for issuance OR

  • I-485, application for adjustment of status to lawful permanent resident, Social Security verification (see social security requirement) and one secondary document. NOTE: I-151 resident alien cards are no longer acceptable for identification or status.


You must present the Form I-94 indicating the refugee status and two secondary documents (see pages 6 & 7). If you have a passport, it should be presented along with your Employment Authorization Card. An original “Refugee Resettlement Program” letter with a color photo is valid for a period of 15 days from the date of issue.


You will be required to provide the following:

§ Foreign passport with I-94 stamped showing status with USCIS

§ Social security verification (see social security requirement)

§ Secondary document

Student non-immigrants (F-1, J-1, and M-1) must present the I-20 (lists the school, length of the program, a contact person and phone number of the student representative at the school). Some non-immigrant aliens or refugees may be denied issuance of a driver’s license or identification card based on USCIS status and duration of status. In order to be issued a driver’s license or identification card, there must be AT LEAST 180 DAYS remaining on your VISA/I-94 to be considered for issuance. If there are fewer than 180 days remaining, you will be denied. If you are not a Louisiana resident, you are not eligible for a driver’s license or identification card.


Class D - Minimum seventeen (17) years of age.

Class E - Minimum fifteen (15) years of age for a learner’s permit; must complete all stages of the Graduated Licensing Program.

Class A, B or C - Minimum age eighteen (18) (travel intra-state only, no hauling of hazardous materials); minimum age twenty-one (21) to travel interstate or obtain a hazardous material endorsement.


  • Original certificate of birth

  • Certified copy of birth certificate (long form) and Birth Card (short form) does not require a seal

  • Birth registration card or certificate issued by a state or county Bureau of Vital Statistics

  • Certificate of Birth Abroad issued by the US Department of State.

  • Certificate of Naturalization

  • Native American tribal document


  • US Passport book or Passport Card

  • Applicants 17 and under must also present a certified birth certificate or documentation proving custody/legal guardianship

  • Foreign Passport (Must be appropriately stamped and accompanied by proper immigration documents) State of Louisiana

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